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pondicherry is a deadpan place to study, and so i read a lot to kill the time

most of what i read deals with non-fiction including studies and papers  sounds stuffy =) but some of the shit is interesting

psychology, medecine, sexuality and religions are some of the topics i read up on  and btw, don't go about thinking sexuality translates to pornstories :) if you're looking for pornstories click here ;)  favourite authors include sigmund freud <yeap, that 'shrink'>, carl jung, and more recently, dr anna freud, the very daughter of mistah freud

the fiction i read is very orthodox in following the categories of science fiction and horror  ofcourse, i read MAD as well =) and selected pieces of certain publications may be found in the art section of this site  a few of my favourite authors include anne rice, stephen king, edgar allen poe and some others

recent introduction has been give by a friend <jackie> to a great 19th century existentialist writer franz kafka, whose short stories actually TRY to elude comprehension  they're that tough to understand =)  i've often wondered whether certain writers try to make themselves hard to understand on purpose   franz takes the cake, in my opinon   very healthy reading though  something to get those little wheels rolling

some books i have read and their authors :                   

The Collected Works of C.G. Jung: Vol. IV Freud and Psychoanalysis.

The Adolescent Psyche: Jungian and Winnicottian Perspectives
by Richard Frankel

The Undiscovered Self: With Symbols and the Interpretation of Dreams by C.G. Jung.

Freud, Sigmund: Psychopathology of Everyday Life, trans. by A. A. Brill (HTML at York)

Psychoanalytic Monograph: Psychoanalysis and Developmental Therapy, No. 3: Anne Hurry (Ed.)

Beyond the Best Interests of the Child: Anna Freud

i'm too lazy to type any more =) i'll get em done when i'm bored...



regarding fiction,

The Witching Hour: Anne Rice

The Shining: Stephen King

The Metamorphosis: Franz Kafka

The Hunger Artist: Kafka


ebooks! =) they're free  read em!

The Interpretation of Dreams: Sigmund Freud_____[||||||]

The Plant: Stephen King__________________________[||||||]

lecture transcripts in physics: Stephen Hawking___[||||||]

many of kafka's works in english, german, russian, spanish, finnish, and believe it or not... portuguese =)_________________[||||||]

complete works of edgar allen poe______________[||||||]